European Master’s Program in Computational Logic

EMCL in a Nutshell

Four leading European universities and a leading Australian partner institution have teamed up and developed a unique, integrated and distributed European Master’s Program in Computational Logic (EMCL):

Its key features are:

  • It is a two year research-oriented master’s program leading to a joint Master of Science (MSc) degree with English as language of instruction.
  • Tuition Fees:
    500/1500 EUR per semester for EU-/non-EU-students. Scholarships are available.
  • Study Requirements:
    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Mathematics or equivalent degree
    • Proof of adequate knowledge of English
    • Good knowledge in the areas:
      • Foundations of Logic
      • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
      • Declarative Programming
  • Application Deadlines:
    31 January / 15 May each year
  • It is supported by the European Commission (Erasmus Mundus), the European Association of Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI), the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI), the DAAD and other organizations.
  • It is maintained by about thirty professors who have written a number of books.

Detailed information about EMCL can be found in All About EMCL.


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