TROPIMUNDO is an EC-funded Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Tropical Biodiversity and Ecosystems. We aim to bring together expert Higher Education Institutes (HEI), with long-standing worldwide expertise in tropical rainforests and woodlands and in coastal ecosystems. TROPIMUNDO students are able to concentrate on botany, zoology and integrative ecosystem approaches in institutions worldwide in 2 Master years. Multiple specializations are included.

Core values
Unique mobility programme worldwide, including a unique set of threatened ecosystems
• Study, research and field courses in Amazonian, African and/or Australian wet tropics
• Intensive contact with different cultures and languages

Trajectory in 4 semesters
The consortium is composed of 5 European institutes and 3 third-country (non-European) higher education institutes. In a first semester, students start at a European institute of their choice to acquire similar competences. In a second semester field experience and courses will take place in a university in a non-EU country. This includes hands-on experience in 1 or 2 tropical sites. The third semester will cover a specialisation in a European university, different from the first one. Courses vary at this semester. In the fourth semester students return to where they started out for their thesis research. Every trajectory of 4 semesters constitutes a unique combination of courses and expertise.

– Université Libre de Bruxelles – ULB (Belgium)
General Coordinator: Farid DAHDOUH-GUEBAS
– Vrije Universiteit Brussel – VUB (Belgium)
Local Coordinator: Ludwig TRIEST
– Université Pierre et Marie Curie – UPMC (France)
Local Coordinator: Jean-Yves DUBUISSON
– Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle – MNHN (France)
Local Coordinator: Bernard RIERA
– Università degli Studi di Firenze – UNIFI (Italy)
Local Coordinator: Stefano CANNICCI
– Universidad Cientifica del Perú – UCP (Peru) for Amazonian forests and wetlands
Local Coordinator: Julio Ruiz MURRIETA
– Université de Dschang – UDsch (Cameroon) for African tropical rainforests
Local Coordinator: Marie-Louise AVANA TIENTCHEU
– The University of Queensland (Australia) for tropical forests, mangrove forests, coral reefs
Local Coordinator: Ian TIBBETTS

Basic student requirements
• An internationally accepted Bachelor’s degree (i.e. the equivalent of 180 ECTS) with a major in Biology, Natural Sciences, Environmental Sciences, or equivalent from an accredited university.
• Students must be able to demonstrate proficiency in English or English + French. More information on language requirements can be found in the Online Information and Application Module.
• A personal evaluation of the applications will be done by a selection committee
• In the 1st and 3rd semester basic and specialised language courses are offered based on actual trajectory needs.

The call for TROPIMUNDO applications period is open. The deadline for submission of applications (online only) is 15th January 2013


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