2012 Postdoctoral Position in Physics/Materials Science at CNR-SPIN Institute in Italy

A one-year post doc position, renewable at least for a second year, is open in Naples within the CNR-SPIN Institute. The research activity of the successful candidate will take place in the “MODA” laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Fabio Miletto Granozio, in the framework of the EU Project named “MAMA”, funded under the FP7-RegPot2010-1 program.

The successful candidate will have a PhD in Science and a documented expertise in at least one (or possibly more) of the following fields:

1)    Physics and chemistry of complex oxides materials

2)      Growth of epitaxial thin films

3)      Surface science characterizations

The scientific activity will mainly focus for the first year on the growth and characterization of oxide polar-non polar systems hosting a two dimensional electron gas (e.g. LaAlO3/SrTiO3). Possible involvement in further ongoing research activities of the MODA lab will also be considered.

We are now in the stage of pre-screening the candidate CVs. As a following step, the suitable candidates will need to provide some more formal paperwork and go trough an interview, that will either take place on site or be performed remotely (telephone, skype).

Our present aim is to be able to close the selection within the first half of the month of December 2012 and have the successful candidate starting the activity not later than the beginning of next year.

Interested candidates should start sending their CVs at the address fabio.miletto@spin.cnr.it now. Feel free to ask further information, including scientific details, salary and future perspectives.

(Sumber: http://people.na.infn.it/~miletto/sito/post-doc/)


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