Erasmus Mundus Master in Research in Information Technologies (MERIT)


MERIT is a research orientated Master’s program within the guidelines of the Bologna process whose focus is on Information and Communications Technologies and their applications. The Master involves five top-level European institutions with strong ongoing research ties. MERIT students will gain a broad view of information and communications technologies thanks to the mobility requirements of the Master’s program.

The Merit Master has a duration of two years corresponding to 120 credits ECTS. Students are expected to earn half of their credits at their home institution and the other half at one of the partner institutions
The official MERIT homepage is

Partner Institutions

The institutions involved in the MERIT program are:

The consortium institutions belong to the CLUSTER (Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research).

Awarded degree

MERIT students enrolling at the Politecnico di Torino will receive a Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) degree in Electronic Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino.
MERIT students that fulfil the mobility and academic requirements, in the two visited universities, will receive a double degree.


The scope of the Master is Information Technologies in a broad sense, including fundamentals such as electromagnetism, signal processing, and information theory, and applications such as communications, remote sensing and image and voice processing.
The Master is organized in three semesters in which students take courses. An additional fourth semester is devoted to the completion of the Master Thesis.
The number of credits is 120 ECTS, 30 of which are obtained with the completion of a Master Thesis. 60 ECTS have to be obtained in a second institution of the consortium and a double degree is awarded.
The language of instruction is mainly English, combined – in some cases – with the local languages to put the students in contact with them in the academic context.

Please visit the MERIT website for further details on the MERIT Erasmus Mundus Scholarship CALL FOR APPLICATION.
Your application has to be submitted online at:

sumber: Polito


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